2017 Schoolhouse Rocks 5k Presented by Nelson Roberts Investment Advisors

Last May 21st over 3,000 Menlo Park and Atherton residents turned out early on a Sunday morning to walk, run and cheer in support of quality education. The event included a pre-race warm-up and the 2.5K (1.5 mile) Walk/Run, along with a Competitive 5K. Following the run, there was family entertainment at our Wellness Fair as well as awards, food, music and more. … [Read more...]

Advertising Revenue

Snap Inc. (tkr: SNAP), the parent company of social media company Snapchat, recently went public in the largest US IPO since 2014. Snapchat relies on revenue from advertisers who are looking to reach the younger millennial generation. Alongside this IPO, we wanted to take a look at the broader advertising revenue market to get an idea of growth trends in the space. According to eMarketer, total media ad spending worldwide is expected to be about $575 billion in 2017, with an average … [Read more...]

Featured Equity: Qualcomm

Qualcomm (tkr: QCOM) has been a core holding in our technology sector based on the thesis that it should benefit from continued expansion of global smartphone usage. Qualcomm not only sells chips that go into smartphones, but it also collects license revenue for phones that connect to cellular networks using its patented license technology. Qualcomm’s revenue is broken down in two segments: chip revenue and licensing revenue. Although the licensing segment accounts for about 30% of total … [Read more...]

Estate Tax Changes

Our colleagues in the estate planning business have reported the rumors and rumblings coming out of Washington DC. The Republican Party has long held the repeal of the “Death Tax” as a part of the policy platform. With the turmoil created by the March 24th withdrawal of the healthcare vote, much is in question, but if tax reform does come to the House and Senate floors, there is a good chance that changes to the estate tax could be a part of the vote. What might this look like? Speculation … [Read more...]

Adding to Small-Cap and Maintaining Low Turnover

The first quarter was fairly quiet in terms of trading as we maintained low turnover in our portfolio. We made a decision to increase our small-cap stock exposure by adding to our position in the iShares Core S&P Small-Cap exchange-traded fund (tkr: IJR). Small-cap stocks tend to be more volatile than large-cap stocks, which can be beneficial in an overall rising stock market. Smaller stocks also generally have more domestic exposure, which we believe will be a positive attribute given the … [Read more...]

Trump Trade

The Dow Jones Industrial Average continued its post-election ascent through February, hitting an all-time high of 21,115 on March 1. From the pre-election low to the March high, the market rose 18%. Since the election, investors bid up stock prices in anticipation that the impact of reduced regulations and fiscal stimulus would substantially boost corporate earnings. The Trump administration worked quickly after inauguration day to sign executive orders delaying implementation of new … [Read more...]