Welcome to Nelson Roberts Investment Advisors

Nelson Roberts Investment Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor that provides an efficient blend of wealth and asset management services for corporate executives, professionals, families, and other individuals of substantial income or assets.

As an independent employee-owned investment advisory firm, our services and advice are completely unbiased — our only agenda is doing well by our client. We listen closely to what’s important to our clients and customize a plan around their needs and objectives. We don’t stop there; we implement the plan and continue to work with our clients to review and refine the plan as life progresses.

We take great personal reward in seeing our clients’ goals become a reality. Our commitment is to be a lifelong partner in the pursuit and fulfillment of that plan. In the end, our reward is to know that we’ve helped you enjoy life more, with less stress, less worry and more confidence.

Our compensation comes exclusively from investment management and financial planning consulting fees. We do not take custody, sell products, or receive commissions. We operate only on our clients’ behalf with no bias or conflict of interest.


What is money?

At its simplest, it remains a form of barter, an exchange of energy for goods. At its most complex, it’s a symbol of mastery, a measure of power. At its center are people, human beings with vision, talent, skill, families, children, hopes and dreams.

At Nelson Roberts, we focus on you and your dreams. We value your intelligence and experience. We share your desire to balance risk with the goal of achieving a greater return. And we meet your innovative spirit and sophisticated ideas with our own.

Our blend of wealth and asset management services stretches beyond traditional transactional tasks to a holistic approach where the whole of your life serves as our guide for daily decisions. In partnership with you we set goals, align resources, and apply leading-edge investment strategies. Our process is objective, effective and – we think visionary.


Where do you find integrity?

It emanates from tradition, endures market cycles, and sustains long-term partnerships. Trust lies at the heart of what we do, how we serve and whom we employ. We integrate strong ethics, personal values and sound practices for each and every client in each and every choice we make. These form the core values for our company, employees and affiliated professionals.

Our comprehensive services intentionally eliminate conflicts of interest. Our fees structure (based on a percentage of total assets invested) motivates us to continually seek outcomes gauged to your best interests:

  • We do not take custody of your money
  • We do not act as a broker
  • We do not earn commission

We bring a desire to collaborate with good people, build prosperous relationships and serve as trusted counselor.


How do we measure value?

By producing it – in growth of assets, in how our clients view us, in how we create partnership.

We view wealth as a consciousness and the management of risk as a skill. To our understanding of your overall wealth and long-term goals, we add our knowledge of global investment strategies and management of the allocation of assets. Unlike other asset managers – intermediaries who select outside advisors for every element of your portfolio – we utilize experienced in-house capabilities for a more cost-effective solution. When additional expertise is needed, we access prestigious professional specialists. We also work closely with our tax and legal advisors – to form an integrated financial team.

For clients with net investable assets of one million to twenty million dollars, Nelson Roberts Investment Advisors provides a powerful and personal wealth management service unique in today’s market and a financial legacy for generations to come.

Nelson Roberts Process

At Nelson Roberts Investment Advisors our service consists of two separate and distinct disciplines: Wealth Management and Asset Management. We believe by not separating the two disciplines we can provide an exemplary client relationship experience while eliminating unnecessary expense. We work very closely with our clients’ other advisors, integrating their expertise seamlessly into a client’s overall Wealth Management plan.

The efficient blend of wealth and asset management enables us to customize our relationship to each client’s unique needs. For an investment portfolio to be truly customized it must be constructed to achieve individual goals and objectives, time frames, need for return, tax ramifications and tolerance for risk. Similarly, for a wealth management plan to be of any real value, its recommendations must be properly implemented.

Our role as a trusted advisor is to put these two functions together intelligently to manage client assets based on a thorough understanding of their financial goals, objectives, assets, liabilities, and cash-flow needs, and to help our clients articulate and then devise a strategy to help them achieve each of their goals and objectives.

Quarterly Cycle

It is our belief that a consistent dialogue is critically important to the achievement of financial objectives. Our process includes a quarterly review cycle focused on addressing all aspects of our Wealth Management plan. Each quarter’s meeting has a select topic.

1st Quarter – Revision of pro forma Wealth Analysis, Cash-flow Review

2nd Quarter – Estate Plan Review

3rd Quarter – Risk Coverage Review

4th Quarter – Income Tax Review

Are there enough assets to support retirement?. . . How should a concentrated position be diversified? . . . Can a Roth-IRA be utilized? . . . Should umbrella coverage be increased? . . . Should a family and/or charitable gifting plan be implemented? . . .

Our goal is to maintain a long-term, active partnership with you. As issues and questions arise we are available to provide intelligent solutions.

Relationship Teams

Our clients do not hire an individual of the firm but rather they engage the intellectual resources of the entire firm. Each client has a Relationship Manager that acts as their point of contact to provide an unparalleled level of personal attention and service. A client can expect to be exposed to all members of our team as the situation dictates.

We have retained a highly competent team of professionals and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our depth to each client.


In addition to our Quarterly Cycle of one-on-one meetings, Nelson Roberts provides periodic reports detailing the progress of your investment accounts.

On a daily basis we provide an updated holdings summary and realized gain & loss report through our website.

On a monthly basis our clients receive custodial statements.

Quarterly we provide valuation reports and performance reviews and at the conclusion of the 4th quarter, year-end summaries to assist you in ongoing planning. Included with our quarter reports is an Investment Commentary, which conveys our view of the current economic and investment environment.


The cost savings achieved by efficiently blending wealth and asset management is passed along to our clients. When considered as separate offerings, wealth management and asset management will have separate cost structures.

Asset management, as represented by mutual funds, has an annual expense ratio that can vary dramatically, but averages 1.27% (source: Morningstar). Wealth management fees, though more difficult to define, normally range from 0.50% to 1.50% depending on the size of the portfolio. Combined, these fees can total 1.75% – 2.50%.

At Nelson Roberts Investment Advisors our combined fee schedule for both Wealth and Asset Management begins at just 1.25% of assets under management. As assets increase, our fee as a percentage of assets, decreases.

Our annual fee schedule is detailed below:

First $1,000,000 under management: 1.25%
Next $2,000,000 under management: 1.00%
Next $2,000,000 under management: 0.75%
Assets over $5,000,000: 0.50%

We charge fees quarterly in advance. There are no set up or termination fees.